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Im starting a random legacy challenge and making a new blog for that so for those who want to read it here is the blog for my randomcy.

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And I will continue my legacy but for now it is on hold. Really sorry about that:( But atleast you have the RLC to read for now:))


Chapter 2 Founder Generation

Selena’s POV

I awoke blurry eyed after a very bad night’s sleep.  The shining sun was the one consolation I had. I was so glad it wasn’t raining again today. I could not believe that there was a time that I used to love the rain, I now understood what it meant to people without a roof on their heads and I hated the past me. I pulled myself out of my thoughts knowing that I had a lot to do and stood up out of the sleeping bag. I shook my sleeping bag and opened it out so that it would have time to dry in the sun before I took it with me to the café. I walked to the fridge and rummaged for something to eat out of the few groceries I had managed to grab after I had bought the fridge. All I found was a bunch of canned soups and some leaves. I picked the canned soup and tried nudging it open. “I should have grabbed a can opener as well,” I thought, but I knew well enough that I hadn’t had enough money for it. I searched around for a sharp rock and when I found it used it to open the can. I kept this rock safely in my bag so that I could use it later. Since I hadn’t been able to buy a chair I couldn’t decide whether to sit on the ground or the only sitting surface I had, the toilet. Seeing as my clothes from yesterday were looking slightly better since they had dried, I decided on the toilet seat. Closing the lid gingerly I plucked myself down on it, trying not to wince at just how low I had fallen. I hurriedly finished the can of soup even though it tasted disgusting, I had no other choice.


After finishing my soup I chucked the can in the bin and started to pack my bag to go to the café. I rolled up my sleeping bag and I also packed another can of soup into the bag, deciding that I wouldn’t buy anything from the café this time as I did not want to spend too much money. My plan for today was to search for job listings online so that I could get a job. I would have searched the newspaper but the previous day’s edition was so soggy that I could hardly read the headings, much less the smaller writings. However, as I was leaving the paper boy passed by, chucking the newspaper on the grass as he zoomed past on his bike. I was glad for that because I did not want to use the computer more than I already had. I picked up the newspaper and flipped through to the job listings page. There was one job that particularly caught my eye. It was as a cashier at a store really close to the café that I loved. In my excitement I forgot my bag and rushed there so that no one else would take the job. I needn’t have worried since the place was so seedy no one else would have applied, but I was desperate and so I joined part-time. The next few weeks were spent working in the morning, leaving work in the afternoon with the meagre daily pay, and then going and writing at the café. I wish I could say that my continued use of the computers there eased my technophobia but that would be a lie since the number of times that I managed to break the computers there and get electric shocks just made it worse. However since I was earning money from the writing and since I loved writing I continued. Often I would stay back till late at night engrossed in the tales that I fabricated and then sleep inside the café or sometimes out in the stars. Once I was so tired that I fell asleep behind the counter of the little shop from where I would sometimes eat. The workers there had quite the shock when they saw me.


Soon it was the last Saturday of June and I decided that since I had managed to finish one book and had received my first check as a writer, I deserved a small break so in the morning I checked the newspaper for events and saw that there was a summer fair in town for the week. I took a nice shower in the morning and left to go there. It was a bit of a walk but it was a beautiful day and so I had no problem walking there. As I got there I couldn’t contain my excitement. It had been so long since I had been to one of these. There was so much to do. I even went to get my face painted but the woman there gave me such an odd look that I decided against it. I took part in some competitions and had a water balloon fight with some strangers. As the day was closing to an end I bumped into someone. As I looked up into their sparkling green eyes I heard some fireworks. “Perfect timing for them to start the fireworks,” I thought. The guy was so cute and I instantly wanted to get to know him better.



“ Oh hello there, I haven’t seen you around before,” said the blonde stranger huskily.

I almost swooned but I got a hold of myself and replied shyly “I’m Selena Aspire Rosette and just came to St Claire at the end of May. I don’t really get out much”

He laughed and then said, “Well the full name was not required but thanks. Well I’m Broderick although you can call me Ricky if you want. I’ve lived here since I was a little kid. I live on the other island though. Across the bridge from here. But since this is the first time the fair is here I thought I’d visit it. So anyways what brought you here to St Claire?”

“Oh it’s a long story,” I said.

“Ah well we can talk about it some other time. Just give me your number,” he said.

“Wow,” I thought dreamily, “smooth way of asking for my number”

Blushing, I told him my number and he noted it down on his phone.

“Sounds like a Sunset Valley number to me. You from there?” he questioned curiously.

“Well I am but haven’t been there in a long while,” I answered as discreetly as possible.

“Anyways I was actually just on my way to take a picture in the photo booth. Do you want to join me?” he asked.

“Oh I’d love to. It would be a nice way to remember this evening,” I said.

“Yes it would,” he said staring into my eyes. Suddenly breaking the eye contact he grabbed my hand, sending tingles through it and led me to the photo booth. I had dated a lot of guys but this was the first time that I felt like this. Added to that this was the first time that I felt safe since everything had happened.

After the picture we chatted some more till it became pitch dark and the fair had emptied out. I shyly opened my bag and took my copy of my first book out. Hesitantly I proffered it to Ricky and mumbled “Here I would like to give you this. A little something to remember me by till we meet again”

“Oh wow, there’s no need for this. I wouldn’t be able to forget you anyway. But since I love reading books I can’t refuse this.” he said with a tone of surprise as he took the book from me and started to flip through it.

“Really? You love reading, I do too, I have never met a guys who loves reading before though,” I say excitedly.

“Well now you have,” he said as he continued inspecting the book. “Hey did you write this?” he asked suddenly.

“I might have,” I say trying to be flirty but failing miserably.

He grins and says, “Well then I can’t wait to get home and read it.”

He reaches out to hug me goodbye but then stopped and asked me, “How are you getting home?”

“Oh ill walk,” I said shrugging as if it was nothing but it wasn’t because it was very dark and I was scared to walk home.

I think he sensed this though because the next thing he said was, “ Do you want me to drop you? A gorgeous girl like you shouldn’t be walking home alone at this time of night.”

“I wouldn’t want you to go out of your way to drop me Ricky. It is all the way in the other direction.” I mumbled so embarrassed at the offer that I didn’t even realise that he had just called me gorgeous. I didn’t like having to ask someone for things, not even a ride home.

“Well how about I call you a cab?” he asked sensing my discomfort.

“No it is fine, it will be okay I’ll be fine,” I insisted.

Sighing he agreed and hugged me. “Be safe and text me when you get back, I’ll just call you so that you get my number okay?” he instructed.

I breathed in his scent and blushing waved him goodbye, then turned and started to walk in the opposite direction as him.

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The Rosette Legacy

Well since I love reading Legacies on WordPress I decided to post my own as well. So welcome to the Rosette Legacy. This is our founder:

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She is in for some fun and Adventures. Here is the Chapter List:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

The rules for choosing the founders in this legacy will be posted once I reach the point where the founders have to be chosen.

Chapter 1, Founder Generation.

Selena’s POV

I sighed as I viewed the empty lot forlornly. The occurrences of the past few days dancing in front of my eyes. The memories of fires and storms taunting me. I wish I could have stopped it but the fire was too far gone by the time I had reached. “I shouldn’t have left. University wasn’t that important. Now look what happened. My parents dead, my brother too and no remains left of the mansion that once was.” All I had was the little money left over from amount I took with me when I went to study and the sleeping bag and clothes I used there. Just a meagre few simoleans. Sighing I stared at the moon and settled in for the night in my sleeping bag, knowing tomorrow would be a long time coming.


I slept restlessly plagued with thoughts of my parents and my brother, and the tears slid down my face. I drifted off but was soon awoken by the feeling of droplets on my face, I cursed my luck as I realised that it was raining but resigned myself to the fact that I would have to sleep in the rain for a while at least. My thoughts soon turned to Caroline, my brother’s girlfriend or as the lawyer told me his soon to be fiancée. Despite the fact that I really hated her at the moment I wondered how she was faring. She just lost her knight in shining armour, because that was exactly what my brother was for her. He spent all our money to ensure that her abusive father went to jail and then took loans when the tycoon turned out to be much more difficult to handle. Of course at the time I did not mind the expenses taken to rid Caroline of the evil monster that called himself her father, but now when I lost everything just to pay of those loans and when I realised that she had disappeared without a trace I was extremely bitter towards her. If she could have just stayed we could have worked through it together and then maybe things would not be so bad for me. I would have someone to help me through the torture and I could help her too. We were friends even before she started dating my brother. But she left me too just like my family. I had no one left not even Blu, my prized horse. The one I won many a competition on. The one I had to sell to help pay off the debt and also because I knew I could not afford the care for him anymore. Caring for a horse is expensive and I could not afford it any longer. My eyes clouded over as I remembered my goodbye to my precious Blu.


Shaking myself out of my thoughts I stood up out of the sleeping bag and closed it shut. The sun was rising now and that meant that I had to be on my way to look for work. I would have to abandon my dream of being a full-time writer if I wanted to earn money to improve my situation. My grumbling stomach reminded me that first I would have to get some stuff done to fill the land with some necessities, like a fridge and a toilet. So I trudged my way to the shops to see how much I could afford to buy. It turned out that all I could afford was a small wall, a fridge, a counter, an old toilet, a broken shower and a sink. I felt as if the shopkeepers deliberately increased the price when they saw me enter in my ragged state but I was too desperate to say anything. As the house was set up by the builders who too asked for a tip, I was left with hardly enough money to get anything else. “Well there goes my plan to get a bunch of papers to write on,” I thought. As the glaring heat started to burn my face I decided to go and find somewhere cool to sit and relax before I went in search of a job. The fact that the heat and the rain existed at the same time just proved how even the elements were against me. My clothes were soggy and my light skin sunburnt. I even scraped my knee as I ran but I couldn’t do anything about that. There were much more important things to deal with.


I had to explore this town because even though my parents and brother had lived here for a year I had only been twice in my breaks from university. They had moved to get away from the rumours that started once the case between Caroline and her father begun. Yet another thing I could blame Car for. She was the reason I could not go back home to sunset valley. When we left my parents swore that none of us would go back there and now that they weren’t there any longer I couldn’t go back on that word. And also was the fact that if I went back there would surely be someone there who would try to hurt me again like they did when Caroline’s father was first arrested. But I knew people there and I had places that I frequented. Here I had no one and no place that held good memories. Like the stables where I first rode Blu, or the park where I went with my family. Just the four of us having fun like we always did together. Nor did I have the movie theatre where I went with friends and where I went for my first date. There had also been the cute and quirky diner where I oddly had my first kiss. As I wandered St Claire lost in my thoughts, my eye caught sight of a neat internet café. It was the cutest thing and I even though I hate technology ever since I got an electric shock from the TV when I was younger I knew this atmosphere would help me deal with this phobia, and maybe, just maybe I would be able to write on the computers there since that was the only way I could write for now.

As I strode in the cool air was the first thing to hit me and then was the smell of new books and almond coffee. My favourite smell in the world. I knew right then that this was going to be my new sanctuary. I chose the computer right next to the door to the little outdoor café, where the smell of coffee was the strongest and I looked at the computer. With shaking hands I turned the Monitor on and started to type.


The excitement of writing my first book was somehow outweighed by the fact that I should have been doing this properly at university and also by the fear that at any moment I would be surrounded by sparks but pushed on and typed away. After a while I started to feel droopy and I looked out to realise that it was getting dark. Saving my progress carefully and logging out of the account I had created on the computer for myself, I stood up. Before I left I went and grabbed a cheap bagel from the café. The girl at the counter smiled at me as I took my change. The way back home seemed to be much longer and I decided that I would carry my sleeping bag next time so I could sleep there if it got too dark. I would be spared the sun in the morning and the rain at night this way as well. Finally home, the empty land seemed foreboding so I rummaged in my bag and placed my university flag on the wall so it would seem just a little more like home to me. But it didn’t. I shook open the sleeping bag that was heavy with the weight of the water and then slipped out of my clothes into my underwear forgetting all dignity. I could only hope that no one saw me. Then I slipped into the sleeping bag and fell asleep shivering.


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